November 2021 Competition (Win Plus Credits!)

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November 13th, 2021 is World Kindness Day! So this month on the Forum I wanted to do a Kindness Competition! :heart: :sun_with_face:

Here’s how it works:

  • Share an Act of Kindness you did in the month of November 2021(you can share a photo if you want, but it’s not required)
  • You can share more than once, if you’ve done multiple things :slight_smile:
  • You must post in the replies on this thread between Nov 1-30 to be entered
  • I will randomly pick 5 winners to be given 5 Plus Credits :star_struck: (these can be used without a Plus Membership)
  • Winners will be announced on this thread on December 1st

Some examples:

  • Pay it forward: if you’re in a drive thru, pay for the person’s meal/drink behind you
  • Send a text to a family member you haven’t seen in a while and tell them you miss them
  • Leave notes of encouragement for strangers to find later (like at Target, or a park)
  • Go on a walk and pick up any trash you find
  • Take your neighbors dog on a walk for them
  • Print off some coloring pages and drop them off to a friend or neighbor with kids
  • Leave flowers on the doorstep of someone you know going through a hard time

Doing kind things doesn’t have to be elaborate or cost a lot of money. And depending on where you are in the world and your lock down restrictions, some things may not be possible to do. But even in the current state of the world, there’s always some way we can help spread a little happiness! :heart:

3eb64047ecf12f6739b92c081542fa9bIf you have a friend you know that might want to win Plus Credits, encourage them to join the Forum and post their Acts of Kindness! :tada:

Share of Kindness… SInce I am a stay at home mom on trash day I bring my neighbors trash can in their driveway for them so it’s not being left out on the street. Sometimes the trash can tends roll down the street. :>

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Today I drove my neighbors child to school because she missed the bus! :bus:
This was after my child almost missed the bus too. :laughing:

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Awe. That’s sweet. I can imagine how that child felt.

Thats soo sweet

I have part-time neighbors whose primary residence is in Canada (I am in the southern US), and due to travel restrictions, they haven’t been able to come down much in the past year. I check on their house and bring in their packages. Luckily, they are coming for a short visit in a couple of days.

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One of my neighbors is a teacher. Every year, she collects donations for gift cards for her students and their families for Christmas. I made these personalized ornaments for her to add to each gift (as gift tags). It was also my first time using HTV on wood, so I ruined one. Luckily, my husband had cut a few extras. The lesson I learned was not to rush to iron on if there’s any chance the polyacrylic isn’t quite dry!


The back is covered in felt, which I cut using my Maker.

I made my sister-in-law a ‘Bride’ shirt after we went to a bridal show and she couldn’t find one she liked that would fit her.

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OMG these are so cute

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Another neighbor of mine is a teacher who works with 10 students, and one of the things they are looking forward to this season is making gingerbread houses from kits. Their teacher says that this group is very creative and artistic. I made each of them some cardstock cutouts to make a gingerbread man and a reindeer face ornament. Each bag includes the directions, all of the parts, and two pieces of ribbon (added after I took the photo).

awwww… this is adorable.

Helped an older lady at the store get one of her item off the shelf. She was having trouble getting it down and I asked if I could help

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Yesterday, a friend of mine has been in a tough spot financially so I gave her and her family some frozen meats, veggies, and canned goods. :heart:


Awe that touch my heart

Last month I took my cat to donate blood to another cat I didn’t know (a friend told me the cat was in bad shape, so I just took my cat an go to the vet for blood colecting) another cat lady asked blood donation in nov, 2th…My cat coldn’t donate cuz we need to wait 4 months to donate again… So I asked her a pic of her cat and made a cuttie shareable stories on ig to find a blood donor. We found 2!