Organizing Graphics

Are there any programs for organizing graphics besides Adobe Bridge? I need one that can view PNG, AI, PS, EPS files. And tag/ read tags on PNG files. I give up with Adobe Bridge- after spending hundred s of hours tagging everything, now the stupid program won’t find any of my searches! I made the mistake of cleaning my computer with AVG Tuneup, and they must have deleted a file that Bridge needs or something, but I went to Tools> Build Cache, and after running it for hours (twice!) it still won’t pick up any of my tags!!! I’m losing tons of time trying to find the graphics I need by opening up each folder and subfolders in hundreds of gigs of Graphics from several different sources. Windows Explorer picks up some, but it doesn’t show tags for PNG files, so it’s rather useless for a lot of searches.


You can give a try with Eagle, FastStone, XnView MP or IrfanView.

CorelDRAW used to have one included in their suite. 2019 and before.
I just use Everything from Voidtools to search my hard-drives.
I don’t have the time to even tag evey file I download with just two tags, I’m behind on downloading the $1 deals from 2 months ago still.

I tried Eagle, I didn’t like it, because it made me import each folder separately, instead of scanning my whole graphics folder. Plus it was using a lot of system resources. I’ll check out the other ones. I used to use Irfanview as a photo editor years ago, I never thought of using them for organization though.

“Everything” looks like it doesn’t show previews?
I’m way behind also, but I’ve got enough keyworded that I SHOULD be able to find most of what I’m looking for, if only Adobe Bridge would actually work!

yeah, its just a search tool. no visuals you click the ‘open source’ to see what it contains.
it relies on good folder and file management and naming. Why I suggest designers name their pieces with something other then 1.svg 2.svg etc.

See, that’s where I fall short. I rename some of them, because I like to combine all the subfolders into one folder, and I don’t want files like 1 (1), 1 (2), etc., but if the originals have unique names, even if its like ps-4, ar-4, etc., then I leave them. So that’s why I need something that will search by tags.