Origami Related

Hi I want to know more about d57d6f69b5050f6e5cd45ae4567ad215 and its basics. Anyone know how?

You can check out Design Bundles for some amazing Origami designs. For the basics, I think youtube videos will be helpful

I didn’t realise designbundles did origami :slight_smile:

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Design Bundles has tons of Origami Designs and they are worth trying

I am going to try some I never thought to check for that. I will look for something for my children to do too :blush:

Check out your public library too, there are several good books that cover everything from Angel Fish to Zebras, including designs and other uses for the same skills (napkin folding), folding currency when you are really bored, and so on.
The books are already out there, and you’ve already paid for them through taxes so you may as well get your use out of them.

That’s a great idea thanks Brian:)

Never thought about public libraries, great idea