Paint peeling up

HI folks. I am having some problems I don’t know how to solve. I did a couple of noodle boards that I stained and did a vinyl stencil on them and they turned out great. But now I am trying to make some signs with the dollar tree canvas frames and the paint sticks from Lowes. I painted and distressed the paint sticks and put poly on the whole thing before I put my stencil on it. But when I peel the vinyl off the boards it brings part of the paint off where I have stenciled and makes my project look like crap. I have ruined 2 projects bc of this. I thought maybe my paint was ruined bc I had it in a back room where there is no air conditioning. But I just did one with a brand new bottle of paint and it did the same thing. Can anyone tell me why it’s doing this and what I can do to stop it?

When you say the paint sticks from Lowe’s do you mean those wooden sticks made for stirring the paint? Did you try slightly sanding the sticks before painting?

Hi Brittany. No I haven’t been sanding them. That paint sticks fine. It’s the paint from where I stenciled that keeps peeling up when I pull the vinyl off.

What if you tried a thin layer of mod podge before laying the stencil down?

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Are you happening to use say an oil base paint for the sticks and then a water based for the stencil or vice versa? The two types don’t play nice together.

Michelle I am just using apple barrel and folkart craft paint

Sound like you are using acrylic paint; acrylic sticks to acrylic so it’s not too hard for it to pull off.

I’m not sure what will work but you might try a layer of polyurethane between them. And let it dry for a day between applying another coat.

Good luck

I’ve heard that when pulling stencil off of wood go against the grain so the paint doesn’t peel up. So, if would grain is horizontal (side to side), pull the stencil vertically (top to bottom) and vice versa. Hope this helps.

Well, my guess would be that your paint and the poly are not compatible. So, I would try either changing the type of paint you are using, or maybe scuffing the surface before you apply the paint. Giving the surface some “tooth” for the paint to grip or hold to. I would also give the paint more time to dry before you peel off the vinyl. You might also try warming up the vinyl with a hairdryer as you peel it off, and peel it rather than pull it off. That may sound odd, but pulling puts much more strain on the grip of the paint to the canvas or surface it’s applied to.
Warming the vinyl softens the adhesive to make it easier to release from what it’s applied to (the canvas, paint, etc.).

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