Papercut card cover template

Trying to wrap my head around how to put these together. I really like the looks of red on white. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Hi 80799bcad5bbd30c93a5ad65cf61691a welcome to the forum :tada:

Are you talking about these 51e6c79decfdc94ff013ffb272ccc561?

The red would be card stock and the white card stock would be what you are cutting out. You could glue the white part on top of the red, or you could fold the white sheet of paper around glue the backs together (then the white front would open up.


Thank you

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I haven’t seen this one yet!!! Time to go shopping!!

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There are tons of them now!! If you search “Papercut” you’ll fine a lot of them :slight_smile:


Do you have a photo of your finished product?