Personalized Journals & Notebooks Using Free Fonts from Font Bundles :)

These little notebooks and journals were so quick & easy to make. I can’t decide if I want to give them to my kiddos now or save them for stocking stuffers. I grabbed this free craft empire design from c088cbb84ed902cd17976083576de44b The two free fonts are from 1732bc42fed0ce29dba71bae8dfdd9f7 The font for Raegan is called Hey Butterfly and the font for Kenedy is called XoXo Glow. Journal and notebooks from my local Dollar Tree. I used rainbow pearl permanent vinyl. The vinyl is so much prettier in person. Notebooks and journal from my local Dollar Tree.
Craft Empire: d96014024e6954ff2d70c4531599b518
Raegan: f642f39ff7fb46248ef7a3e0b3c76b39
Kenedy: f0bb68f7561819f37f11eb5be0c48d25


ff9e81aa040248aef1e51eb1ee267ac5 these are adorable! So quick and simple, and so many beautiful options! Thanks for the idea! (I think you should give them now, and make more for stocking stuffers!)

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I love these! The holo viny is so pretty too! :heart_eyes:

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Great job! I agree with AugustFire, give now and more later!! Besides, they might have these filled up by Christmas and need new ones. :slight_smile:

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They saw me taking pictures and claimed them already :joy:

I still have one more to make for my son. I was using the Shark Bite font from the last $1 Event, but it was not pearl vinyl friendly. It’s a bit on the thin side.

love the purple one… I need me one just like that!

These are awesome!

These look so adorable