Photography Challenge 6/10

Today’s challenge is for you to find a word that means something to you. The word could reflect a feeling, a style, or just be something silly. Find the word and think of a unique way to photograph that word.


Looks like I don’t have something like that. But I would love to see the results of the others :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a great idea! I’d love to see what people come up with

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The word is storm :slight_smile: is raining almost nonstop and weather forecast says it might rain for another 9 Days. So is hard not to think at the storm when you are in the middle of it :slight_smile:


Beautiful picture of the storm.

My word for today is exhausted. I chose this for my photo because the flower looks worn out as it’s been blooming for a few weeks. Petals are starting to fall off and the rain isn’t able to do much anymore for this flower. It looks beautifully exhausted and tired. This past week has been very busy for me and this flower pretty much spoke to me.


I meant to post yesterday but got sidetracked! While I don’t have a nice camera I love taking pictures with my phone :slight_smile:

This rose represents beauty and how sometimes even the most beautiful things can have thorns, but if you handle them delicately you can enjoy their beauty :rose:


Kalie that’s a very pretty color! Very pretty.

My neighbor use to call me a rose because I have 6 brothers. He said they were my thorns - there to protect me.


At times when waves overcome you and you feel that what will happen next will destroy you. Look at what may come next. It might just be Peace.