Photography Challenge Week of 6/22

Photography challenge - Macros are a lot of fun to do. Taking macro shots allows you to get close to your subject and will often allow you to see much of the fine details. Take a Macro photo! Have fun with it. You are always welcome to post more than one! I know many of us really love seeing your work.

I Look forward to seeing your work. My two boys are currently here for vacation. They’ve been away for college so I am very busy and may not get to this photo as I did not get to last weeks photo. I will eventually catch up. My apologies


Nr 7 isolated at home

There is only 1 at the end

Alien Nebula :alien: from a slice of dry orange


Great!! :heart_eyes: As always

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@pixaroma amazing shots! :heart_eyes:


Photos from my morning walk yesterday. :slight_smile:


Sorry! There is one extra I. There that’s not meant to be there! :woman_facepalming:t2::joy:

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:heart_eyes: beautiful @Tarryn_M