Photoshop Elements for Mockups?

I use Procreate on the iPad Pro pretty much exclusively and gave up my Adobe subscription. I have Photoshop Elements to use to create my product packaging, but of course, Adobe limited their Smart Objects to not work with mockups. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I use PhotoPea when I need to use a mockup, and I’m kind of assuming creating a mockup in PE is something that can’t be done?

I recently took a Skillshare class where several Creatsy mockups were given for free with the class, and was so excited to open up PE but couldn’t do a thing with them. Do any of you who create mockups have any ideas on if there’s a way to use them I haven’t figured out yet? :slightly_smiling_face:


What type of products are you mocking up? If you had some mockups that were straight on you wouldn’t need to use photoshop or smart objects. Any online photo editor, like pixlr would work. Canva. Silhouette design software. All would work.

Patterns, mostly, so they look better being able to use Smart Objects. With illustrations, yes, it’s much easier just to use straight on. For now PhotoPea works fine. I didn’t know if anyone had found a work around with PSE.

Thanks for the line to - I’ll take a look. Thanks for responding :wink: .