Planner Templates

What kind of planner templates would you want? Is there a specific planner company you like to use or size? Are you wanting templates to use for yourself or for your business?

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I think 8.5 by 11 would be fine so I could add it to my teaching binder.

@Brittany_P any specific teaching templates you would like?

I would love behavior sheets- simple ones like name/behavior/action but that are pretty; a pretty do to list template (I love water color florals the best)

I haven’t had much luck being consistent with planners. I use them for a couple of months and then forget about them. Both times I used Happy Planner. I like the layout. I had the 8.5 x 11 and the medium one (I think 7 x 9 or something like that). I preferred the larger one. I would love to see some home organization or lifestyle templates if you have some. Those are really the only ones I’d probably use

Oh home organization would definitely be helpful!

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I like to use planners in GoodNotes. Hyperlinked PDFs are the Bees Knees! lol I’m a big fan of cute trackers (water intake, books read, mood, etc.)

What is GoodNotes? Haven’t heard of it.

I’d be interesting in templates for my BHP - Anything that keeps having the sides punched in mind.

GoodNotes is an application on IOS that many are using for their digital planners - it has the ability to link pages and such, so it makes a good intuitive application for planners.

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@Kemet_G - I have Happy Planner templates that I have set up that I can tweak for home organization and lifestyle. I believe I have them in all three sizes but it has been some time. I have all three sizes that I test on.

@Emily_S1 - I am working on some digital planners and trackers, just now learning GoodNotes. Do you also collect stickers in your planners?

@Justina_T - just want to make sure I am familiar with the planner - BHP - Big Happy Planner?

I have all kinds of planners that I test on Erin Condren, Travel Planners, Wedding, Baby, etc. It sounds like you like pages that are ready to go, not ones that you can design yourself. This is good to know. I have been a template maker and have made some with designs but wasn’t sure if they would sell.

Ok thanks. Can you post a link to them. I’d love to check them out.

I also prefer the larger size.

I’m a planner junkie and I like the new Erin Condren daily planner. I also love digital planning and I use GoodNotes and one Note for that and yes, digital stickers are a MUST! I’d love some basic planner sticker templates that I could recolor myself and customize. That would be cool and it is something I haven’t come across yet.

Thank you all for all the feedback. Sorry I got crazy busy with school and I am going to start working on some new templates. I have Erin Condren, HP, Walmart brand and my friend just got me one that I haven’t found the creator. I am currently working on some digital ones in Goodnotes as well.

I wish more designers made like… barebones png planner templates. No background to remove, no decorations, just the layouts. I find them occasionally, but it would help keep me from over thinking, which i tend to do when i make my own. Also some landscape digital planner temps in png format.

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Also: Landscape planner templates without the big gap in the middle. :sweat_smile:

I love planner templates in general

I would like more minimalist templates

I’d like more business cards for craft businesses