Please help - Cameo 4 Pro question

I have recently gotten the pro. I am having a problem connecting via blue tooth. I’ve unplugged my cameo 4 12" machine and removed that pairing to my computer. I’ve paired the Pro easily, installed the firmware update for the pro with USB. Once complete I’ve restarted the software and machine after unplugging the USB. When I try to connect using Bluetooth it says “trying to connect” consistently. My machine is only about 7’ away (where my 12" machine was located) and it will not connect at all.

Anyone have any suggestions? I don’t have room to keep this large machine on my table near my computer. Being only 7’ it should connect ok knowing the 12" machine is doing fine.

I appreciate your help!! Thanks in advance.

I feel your pain :slight_smile:
I have found that sometimes my bluetooth connection works and sometimes it doesn’t so the first thing to realize is that it may not be anything you did wrong. FYI my Cameo is in a separate room from my computer and printer so your 7’ away is unlikely the problem.

It sounds like the Cameo is seeing the network and SHOULD be home free at that point as its a pretty straightforward pairing connection. There is a possibility that you have a firewall on your internet router that keeps it from communicating so check those settings. Or that somehow the bluetooth on your computer is turned off. Recheck all your settings for any extra security settings that are getting in the way.

Another possibility is the startup sequence. Try this:
After making sure your computer’s bluetooth is turned on, completely shut down (not restart) your software, the Cameo and your computer. Next turn on the Cameo and make sure the blue light on the panel is on (indicating bluetooth). Then turn on your computer. When it has completely restarted open your software and go to the SEND panel. The little picture of a Cameo should now say “ready to load” SOMETIMES the software will seem to see more than one Cameo in which case there will be a little dropdown menu over the little picture that will let you choose between them. Usually selecting a different one will then make the connection.

If that still doesn’t work go to your computer’s bluetooth settings and make sure your Cameo is listed in the device list. Its possible it didn’t pair correctly. Do your cellphone’s or headphones’ bluetooth connections work? If they dont then the problem may very well be with your computer. There is ALWAYS a last option that there is a problem with the Cameos bluetooth card if none of your troubleshooting works. It should not be hard to do this but the machine is such a strange critter sometimes the most obvious solution gets overlooked.

Getting your Silhouette set up for the first time can be SO frustrating! It took me 6 months to figure out how to connect and cut successfully (and I’m a computer person!) so i truly do understand how upsetting it is. Its also not at ALL easy to get help - at least help you don’t have to pay for. I have to say i found the Silhouette threads in Reddit the most responsive and helpful of any of the other forums.
Take a deep breath, attack the problem logically, resist the urge to throw it out of a third story window and have faith that once you solve it you will LOVE LOVE LOVE your Cameo. It just takes getting to know its little quirks. Good luck. :slight_smile: