Please make Mum designs too!

I just found a designer and love their work, however ever design relating to mothers has Mom, I’m an Aussie and we use Mum. It would be great if more designers considered making two designs to cater to us too. It’s a real turn off to be honest.


I completely agree @Taleen_E! :hearts: I think it is important to include both spellings as well!

You can always reach out to the designer within the listing of that product you were interested in to request Mum instead :slight_smile:

There will be a “message designer” button you can click on in the listing or if you visit the store homepage under their shop banner you can also message them.

Hello Taleen, welcome to the forum! :smiley:
I recommend reaching out to the designer, a lot of the time the designers are more than happy to make changes. :slight_smile:

Love this idea! I am American, but my dad moved here from England and uses Mum :wink:

I totally agree! If designers could include more variations relating to Mom (Mum, Mama, Momma etc.) that would be so nice! I’m sure that you can request design alterations to the designer though too.

I’m in the UK and we say ‘Mum’ as well. There are some great Mum designs on the website -

Sadly, I never even thought about doing that until a couple of years ago when I started seeing LOTS more out of country purchases. I have since started trying to add them to my designs but I haven’t updated my older ones yet. If you ever see one from Lyrical Letters Design (me) that you need updated, please let me know and I’ll be happy to do it for you.