PLUS Credits Not Appearing

My PLUS Subscription charges my card on file monthly adding credits to my PLUS Account, however in January I was charged but my PLUS credits were never added to my PLUS Account. I reached out to customer service twice and never received a response :pensive: Does anyone know how I can get my credits? I had to pay extra to top up my credits in order to get my needed items.

Hi 97de9e91661d325fc298295f3847f3ad welcome to the forum! Customer Support replies to all emails within 48 hours. If you never received a response it’s possible it went to the spam/junk folders.

If you’re not seeing the Plus Credits it’s possible you have two accounts and the one you’re signed in with doesn’t have a Plus Membership. It’s also possible that the membership was never charged. Without seeing your account I can’t know for sure, but Customer Support will be able to help with that.

I would recommend reaching out again if you have not seen any of the responses. 1aee087faedbbbabf0699100c0e83f5e