Plus Designers?

Maybe less of a new product request than a request for the already existing Plus products: I think it would be nice to know which designer created any given Plus product.

Some of the product previews list the designer’s name, but most of them don’t. Which is a shame. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever fallen in love with a Plus font and wanted to check out the designer’s other work…


I completely agree. There are often designs I totally fall in love with and just know I will love their other work.


Yes definit

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I so would love that too because I want to reach out to one in particular for more animals.

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This would be so useful. Sometimes Google just can’t help me find the designer, and it makes me sad!

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Oh yes thats a great idea

Thank you for the feedback I can see how helpful it would be to know the designer of a product in the Plus Hub. We are always looking to improve anyway we can I will add this to the feedback and request list! :grinning:


Thank you for putting it on the list!

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Thanks, @Kalie. :two_hearts:

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That’s great to hear – thanks Kalie!

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I can’t wait since I have this unicorn/bumble bee I want to have designed to match the animals I collected for the story.

Hi there. I was wondering if any progress has been made on this? There are a couple of designers I would like to follow but am unable to as I don’t know who they are and cannot find them in the marketplace.

It doesn’t look like this has been implemented yet. Since Design Bundles purchases the rights from the designers, they are the owner. If you want to email our support team it’s possible they can let you know who the designer is of a certain product :slight_smile:

Hi Jordyn. Thanks again for your help. I will certainly do that. Have a super day

Adding another vote for wanting this feature! I was just thinking about this a few minutes ago, and then here we are!

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Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile: And welcome to the forum :tada: