Plus Designers?

Maybe less of a new product request than a request for the already existing Plus products: I think it would be nice to know which designer created any given Plus product.

Some of the product previews list the designer’s name, but most of them don’t. Which is a shame. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever fallen in love with a Plus font and wanted to check out the designer’s other work…


I completely agree. There are often designs I totally fall in love with and just know I will love their other work.


Yes definit

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I so would love that too because I want to reach out to one in particular for more animals.

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This would be so useful. Sometimes Google just can’t help me find the designer, and it makes me sad!

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Oh yes thats a great idea

Thank you for the feedback I can see how helpful it would be to know the designer of a product in the Plus Hub. We are always looking to improve anyway we can I will add this to the feedback and request list! :grinning:


Thank you for putting it on the list!

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Thanks, @Kalie. :two_hearts:

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That’s great to hear – thanks Kalie!

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I can’t wait since I have this unicorn/bumble bee I want to have designed to match the animals I collected for the story.