Plus designs added to account?

I had a gold membership for a year now. Where are the free designs that are supposed to be automatically added to my account? I’ve never been able to find these.

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Hi e3cac66f5396baa071d7677e3b0a1515 :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum!

If you go to the 7824b4a03daa92429524a3f25b6197b4, you will see tabs for your Purchases and Freebies. The Freebies tab is where all the Free Font and Free Design of the week will go. :tada:

So helpful. Thank you for this.

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I’m glad it helped! :slight_smile:



So basicly nothing is actually automaticlly added to my account? I have to go hunt for it through freebies which can expire at one point? I’m not trying to be rude or snappy, I’m just really frustrated! have been a memeber for awhile now, and i do know about the $1 deals and after party deals. but lately the hubby has been asking questions regarding what my membership offers and what I do know I answer but now im getting into the area I really have no clue.