How are these earned? I am relatively new to the site (Which I love) and noticed i had some…thanks

Hi e67dcf9037ff369863dd7763ad763116 Welcome to the forum!
Make sure to check out our 9f1b3f4ee3c621450e7c11749a831dcbWe also have some fun things going on this month such as our d8594ecea3b19269cd753164202adaf6to win Plus Credits.

To answer your question - if you are a Plus subscriber you get credits each month to use in the Plus Hub to choose from over 100,000 exclusive products… You can also earn some credits by joining in some of the competitions like I posted a link to above and just by making purchases in the marketplace.

I am new too. I have noticed when I make purchases I get my credits reloaded and there is a section in the info about your plus membership that tells you all the ways to earn credits :slight_smile:

Yes! I love that we can earn Plus Credits!! :grinning:

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