PNG to SVG Layers

Is there a way to convert a multi-color PNG to an SVG in layers in SCAL?

Yes this is possible. I have done this numerous times.

Can you give instructions?

In SCAL, right click on the image and break apart. In your layers panel you should see all the different layers used to make up the image

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       I use for simple ones [png to svg site](


How to convert a JPEG/PNG to a Vector in Inkscape

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Wanda_B This is how I do it also. First I get a good trace using monochrome and then I break it apart and select the pieces I want to change colors on.

You can use the PNG and trace by color, You’d have to do several traces to get all the layers. Or you can trace by color layers which will get all the colors at once. I don’t find this way to be as effective and doing each color individually.

You can use b0d415d0895b884f27853f4379e5485e to get layer per color from a png image. Try it!