POD License under Gold plan after cancelation?

I have the Gold plan which apparently includes the new POD add on license now. I know if we cancel, we lose our credits, but what happens to the POD license to products we purchased after Apr 5? Do we get to keep the POD add on license?

I’m wondering because there is an option to “Buy Again” on the Plus items. I don’t want to go through and buy old purchases again if I’m only going to lose the POD license if I should cancel my membership in the future. Of course, that’s assuming that by buying again, the new purchase is under the new license with the POD add on.


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As with all purchases from Design Bundles, your purchases remain on your account even if you were to cancel the membership. You are still license to use the products you’ve purchased even if you cancel the membership.

This means, that whichever license you purchased would be valid still.

If you purchased something prior to April 5th the previous version of the license would be the licensing rules you’d need to follow.

If you purchase something after April 5th, you have a Gold Plus Membership, and the POD Add On is included with that - then yes. You would still be licensed to use it in the ways described under the current license.


Thank you! Does this mean if I purchase my older products again with my credits, they will be under the new license?

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That is correct. If you purchase the plus products again that you have the older license with you will then be able to use it with the newer license.

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Good information. Thanks.

Thanks, this was my question also.