Potential sorting feature?

I (like most if not all of us) have my favorite designers. And usually if I am looking for something specific, I will look through them first. If I don’t find what I am looking for, then I do a general search.
Is it possible to incorporate a way to exclude designers or keywords when we are searching? I can spend hours searching through my favorite people, then do a general search and be flooded with much of what I’ve already seen in my favorite designers.
Or another example- at Christmas I was searching for a sleigh. Most of my search had Santa - which I did not want. It would have been nice to exclude results with “Santa” as a tag.

Just a thought! Have a nice evening!


Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 5.50.04 PMPDT
Yes! I’m used to being able to do a minus sign right in front of a word to exclude that word from search results on a number of sites, but that doesn’t seem to be set up like that here.

@alexfrance Anything we could do?


We’ve taken a look and this is possible! We’ve added a task and will put this on to the development list. Thank you for the suggestion.


Great suggestion! @AugustFire we will get it implemented


Excellent! Thank you, I’ve been wanting this as well and keep forgetting to bring it up! :slight_smile: