Powerpoint help please!

I’m having a terrible time with Powerpoint (2010) recently. A LOT of the fonts I try to use (mostly handwritten) look fine in Powerpoint, but when I export as a PDF, it cuts off the left side of the letters. I know some fonts aren’t made right, but this is now happening with fonts that I never had a problem with before, such as “James Maybe.” In fact, just last week I used that font in several files without a problem, and now all of a sudden it is exporting wrong. This is getting extremely frustrating, and is really hampering my workflow! I searched all over the internet, and could only find information about cutting off the tops or bottoms of letters. But this is a different problem altogether.

Hi Connie,

I’m sorry for the troubles! Is it cutting off the left side of every single letter? Or just on the left margin?

Mostly just the left margin, which incidentally is nowhere near the left margin of the page. What’s even weirder is that the same letter sometimes cuts off and sometimes doesn’t, like for the words “wealth” and “command” in this example. TextCutoff2

I figured out something - if I go into the Powerpoint Font menu, and check the box for “Equalize character height,” that fixes the cutoff problem. But of course the font doesn’t look exactly the way it’s supposed to. It’s usable for James Maybe, but not for some other fonts.

Hmm, maybe you could write into Support to see if one of the font gurus can see if it’s a font issue or Powerpoint issue. 15e5419823f1e87a5e3a106a7979fc99 is the email if you need it :slight_smile: I’ve never seen this before so I’m not certain what’s going on!

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I will ask them, thank you. It’s just I’ve been bugging them a lot lately with support requests, LOL!

If it’s in a text box, I found that sometimes cutting and pasting it in another application (like Publisher) then cutting and pasting back into Powerpoint, sometimes takes the crazy out. I used this when I was doing this when Powerpoint first came out. Don’t ask me why it worked…it just did. It also worked when I wanted something in word processing that was giving me a fit (before Publisher) and by putting it in Powerpoint and taking it back to word processing kicked out the invisible gremlin activity. Chickie

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That’s a good idea. In fact, I’ve actually done that for other formatting problems, but didn’t think of it for this. Thank you.

So the DB support was amazing, and actually found a solution online (somehow my searches didn’t come up with this!) The thing that works is to PRINT to PDF, instead of Export or Save as. I don’t know why that is different, but as long as it works, it’s fine with me. I had to go find a PDF printer, though- I’m using CutePDF writer.