Previewing of plus Item charges acount

Hi Everyone,

Anyone else having an issue with clicking on a plus item to view and when hitting the back button it shows as bought ? It doesn’t confirm the buy it just purchased it.
I have ended up with about 5 designs and lost credits that I didn’t want, I know why keep clicking on them to see but it also doesn’t happen every time and you should actually be able to look at the item.

I can’t find info on getting the credits back in this case.

any help or thoughts

Hi 75c0c6d4d19253d71bc997b6235c7b00 I’m so sorry for the troubles. Please email the support team and if any Plus Credits were actually taken (sometimes it doesn’t truly take the Plus Credits) then they are the ones who can refund you for those :slight_smile: 50d2ffcf4cc329e415dcc8e61f17d69b

This is something that the developers are looking in to. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!

Thank You
I will look and see if they actually show in my account and contact as needed.

I have a similar question.
I selected several plus items. However, when I got to my cart, my dollar balance was over $50, and i needed to get the dollar amount below $35. After I deleted the items from my cart, the plus credits were never returned to my account. Is there a way that I can get these back?


e30164c0e4a6a3e6d50c9a1a24341773 those were likely not Plus products then, but without looking at your account I’m not certain. Plus Products are shown in credits and not currency, and there isn’t a cart for Plus Products.

However, if you are missing credits please contact the support team since they are the only ones who can look at your account and find out what happened. 7fc69fb0b43ff21e9d94854a71553ef7

Thanks Jordyn!
I will contact the support team.

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I always open in a different browsing window, just to be safe.