Previous purchases

I have made several purchases before joining Plus, the most recent being the Christmas bundle this week. If I go to the purchases tab in Plus they do not show. Should they do so?
Thank you.

Hello Pat!
Welcome to the forum, we’re happy to have you here! :slight_smile:

If you made a purchase with Plus Credits they will display here: cbba0fe19662b48b88172d34467d9537
If you made a purchase from the regular marketplace those purchases will display here: d5a124e5feba0a60babfa0bbd723bf73

If you have any trouble locating your purchases please reach out to Customer Support and they will be happy to assist you! :slight_smile:

Thank you, that makes sense. However, there are two purchases in my ‘Purchases’ section that are also in my ‘Plus purchases’, dated 2019, but I only became a Plus member yesterday.

PS I’ve just noted the Plus purchase says 2019 but the Purchase says 2017, same files.

My guess would be that those specific files were bought by the Plus Hub Team. :slight_smile: