Printable "catalog" of purchases request

I love the new search feature for my purchases, but I would love it even more if I could actually print a hard copy of what I’ve purchased. Like a catalog of sorts with a thumbnail photo of the item. I forget what I’ve purchased and I can’t use what I don’t know I have.

Being able to sort in the same ways that are already available would be perfect (design/font, newest, alphabetically, etc.) if “designer” was also an option.

Even though I would like a hard copy, I don’t want to waste paper. So if the list could be generated to print in columns, excess paper waste could be eliminated.


Oh, that would be an awesome feature!

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@BJ_G I know some designers offer something like this with some of their bundles. But I agree. I have such a vast amount on a hard drive, that I would love the ability to do something like this. It would make it so helpful for image searching.

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@BJ_G that would be a great idea! I create my own now (without a thumbnail) and would love to not have to do that!

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I would love a printable version too, such a great idea!

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We don’t have this feature at the moment but if you like you can write into our support team and we can copy your purchases into a spreadsheet for you :slight_smile:

I have also added this to our suggestion list.


Thanks for adding this to your “to do” list. I already have a spreadsheet, but really need to see a photo with the names of the files/fonts to know what they are. I have tried various ways to generate a printable catalog, but have given up because of the amount of effort it requires. Thank you again!

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Certainly, thank you for your feedback and request it is always appreciated! :grinning: