Problem printing 12 x 12

I’m having trouble printing files from the Gothic bundle as 12 x 12 prints. I’ve exhausted all avenues with the printer itself. Other 12 x 12 digital papers, which I purchased elsewhere, print out perfectly. Is there something in the files themselves that prevents printing at 12 x 12?

Hello Kathleen,
I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting the files to print. Could you tell me what program you are printing from? Also, have you ensured there is not “shrink to page” selected while going to print?

Thank you. I’ve used Windows Photo Viewer, Photos (which comes up when left click), and Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. Shrink to fit wasn’t selected on all platforms. I tried printing as user defined 12x12, A3, and A3 plus. I end up with partial printed sheets and partial printed sheets where the design is 4 times bigger than it should be. No enlarging settings are selected. Any help is appreciated.