Procreate Basic Tutorials

I have procreate but I’m a total dummy with it. What are some good tutorials? Drop the links below. :blush:

Im terrible at procreate but its such a good platform!

I like to do the “Art with Flo” tutorials. Look her up on YouTube. She has great beginner tutorials. She goes a little fast at times so just pause or slow down playing speed. Have Fun!
PS-she gives away free brushes and color pallets needed for each project.


I am right there with you! I have been hesitating purchasing it, because I keep convincing myself I can’t do it! I would love to learn it!

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I like Holly Pixels for Procreate tutorials and free brushes! In terms of learning how to format different types of lettering I like to look at Ian Bernard’s work. Both are super creative and their tutorials are easy to follow.

For lettering Teela - Every Tuesday, Stefan Kunz, Ian Barnard.
Look at their websites for free tutorials.
If you like drawing, doodling - Skillshare have lots of great classes, you can try Skillshare 2 Month for free.

Thanks for the recommendations, everyone I’ll check out some of these resources. :ok_hand:t2:

Teela every Tuesday has a free procreate course for beginners and an awesome brush library freebie section, too!

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I just purchased

It has brushes, textures and pallets that you can import into procreate and it also has practice work books to build your skills. I have had procreate for a while and didn’t do anything with it, but now that I have so much time on my hands I’m charging up my apple pencil and getting ready to dive into it.

If you like cartoon style of illustration, BeeJayDel is a good channel to watch. I recently got a set of his brush stamps for creating this style of animal characters and love it! Here is a link to his channel -

If you’re on Facebook, there’s a group for Procreate Beginners where you can get lots of help and support -


Thanks for the information.

I just took the plunge and bought Procreate for my new iPad. Thanks for the links! And if y’all have any more, please share them. As I locate ones that are helpful for me, I’ll share as well.

Teela from Every Tuesday has taught me so much about Procreate. Her Youtube videos are great, as well as her Procreate For Beginners course. She has some other Procreate Course here.

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