Question about Procreate Bundle plus credit purchase option…

Hiya, so I bought the Procreate Bundle 3 and I was just checking it again and theres now an option to purchase it for 20 plus credits - my question is this, when did the plus credit option become available (as it wasn’t when I bought it originally) - is it only an option now because I bought it and will the next Procreate bundle (as I assume another will come out next month) have the Plus Credit purchase option?

I WISH I had of known that the plus credit option would of become available before I bought it as I’d of used my credits for that instead….so could you let me know how thats working - thanks :blush:

Hello Claire!
The Procreate Bundle 3 has been available to purchase with Plus Credits since it was released. :slight_smile:

I am unsure if the next volume (whenever it comes out) will be available for purchase with Plus Credits.

Thanks, I may of just missed it then….as another question you may be able to answer for me - with the Gold membership you automatically get the POD licence with getting plus purchases, now if you buy a bundle with plus credits do the same rules apply?…just wondering as I’m interested in the sticker bundle and if you click on various products in there, there is an option to buy a POD licence - hence me wondering if its automatic if Gold plus credits are used.

Sorry for the wordy question and thanks for your reply :bouquet:

Hello Claire,

That is a great question! The POD License is only available for single products from the Plus Store and not the bundles that can be purchased with Plus Credits.

However, when you have a Gold membership, you also automatically get the Corporate License for all Plus products as well, not just POD. So you get both as your benefits! :smiley:

So just to be clear, if I buy a bundle with Gold Plus Credits everything in it automatically gets the Corporate POD licence?

I just want to double check to make sure I’m understanding you.

Thanks again :bouquet:

Hello Claire,

The POD license does not apply to bundle products, only the single products. :slight_smile:

Ah ok, thanks for clarifying that sorts that out then - and again I do appreciate you explaining it to me, take care and have a wonderful day :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:

so pod licences is not accepted in collection ? Even when it states that it is pod licence in it ?

I am not quite sure what you are referring to?
If you would like you can contact customer support for further clarification

Yes. My granddaughter just ordered a bundle by mistake. Shes 12 and decided she needed them and used my credit card out of my purse!

Hi 78170d6eb3e823c2a808f2d90874ce1d,
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Can you contact customer support? As long as the purchase was made within the last 30 days and has not yet been downloaded, we will be happy to refund that accidental purchase for you :slight_smile: