Questions about making Artisan Jewelry?

Hi everybody! :wave:t2:

I’ve seen so many beautiful SVG templates for creating Earrings recently on DesignBundles, that I’m sure we have some wonderful jewelry makers here! Although I’m retired from working with metal, I’ve got years of experience making jewelry, where to get the best supplies, tools, jewelry photography, etc… So I wanted to start this topic to gather up all the talent we have here in this forum!

I’ve had the chance to explore making many different styles of jewelry in the past 15 years, from stringing beads, making wrapped bracelets, wire wrapped jewelry, chainmaille, micro-chainmaille, to metalsmithing, soldered jewelry, Precious Metal Clay Fine Silver fired in a kiln, as well as a bit of enamelling. Here’s a few examples of my work:

If you have any questions regarding making jewelry, by all means, post them below - we’re happy to help! :heart_decoration:

If you have any tips, answers and solutions… by all means, share them with us! The more, the merrier! :smiley:

And please show us your creations and designs!! :raised_hands:t2:


These are absolutely beautiful 44d741590d0539dae7122c797cd5cf35 :heart_eyes_cat:

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How lovely. I wish I had the knowledge and skills to create my own jewellery. I imagine it can get expensive?

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Such gorgeous work! :heart_eyes:

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Ohhhh yes, it can get very expensive! I own more $60+/each metalsmithing hammers than pairs of shoes :rofl:

Buying beads and gemstones is addictive! So many gorgeous beads, so little time to use them all. When I retired from making jewelry (due to my strange type of epilepsy that started up 4 years ago), I sold off a lot of my gemstones stash. I have kept all of my tools, all my metal, and a private collection of cool beads and gems, but sold the kiln.

I’m still hoping that someday I can use these things again, or maybe I can teach our grandkids when they’re old enough. Who knows, right?

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Teaching the grandkids would be awesome. I just started with jewelry making. I have bought a lit of tools, beads and chains and other stuff but I haven’t made the first piece of jewelry yet! So I’m to inspired and encouraged. The pieces posted above are beautiful. Hopefully I will be able to come close to so ething like that. Thanks.


Hi Lana! Oh yes!! Teaching your grandkids would be really great. It’s so much fun!

I taught my mom how to do some jewelry years ago, and she loved it. It’s wonderful to spend time creating memories together :cherry_blossom:

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Gorgeous work! I would love to find a great source for genuine druzy cabs and 14k gold studs - from the SAME company if anyone knows a good one!

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They’re beautiful. I used to make jewellery too but haven’t much the last few years.

I’d have a look at ffe0aca2ce0db9f56171cdc2401e85de. They have a lot of stuff and odds are that they have what you’re looking for. Cheaper things tend to be a bit thinner/smaller, but they have a lot of nice things on there.

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Thank you! I love FMG but I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for on there. I am wanting to make simple druzy studs but genuine ones, and they had some really pretty ones, but I am wanting more options :confused:


Have you checked some of the suppliers we’ve listed in this other thread? 3b9d985ec0f7502431cda667aec4ccea


Oh I will! Thanks!

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These are great

My leaf earrings from scratch

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So beautiful, just love these.

So beautiful, just love each of these. How did you make these?


So gorgeous :heart_eyes: