Rainbow mandala

I wanted to make a rainbow for my window and the mandala had 7 layers so it worked quite well. It is a first attempt and not perfect but I am pleased with the result


a9485a7ee82bfc7c7d838d3234e83b67 looks great! :star_struck:

Wow how nice!!! You did a really great for your first mandala. Have you thought about stating with red as your top piece and working down from that? The mandala would pop in a whole new way! Just my thought!!! That had to be hard to do, and you did an awesome job!!!

Thank you yes I do plan to reverse the colours just need to find some time

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Woah! Great job!

Wow, it’s beautiful!!

8f78de3d7507ed8b88855724488b200e That’s awesome! :raised_hands: What size is it?

That is beautiful! The colors are perfect!!! Great job!! :slight_smile:

I love this! It is very gorgeous! Great job!!!

That’s beautiful !! :heart_eyes:

Hi Mae it is 20cm

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Very pretty! I’ll bet it looks great in your window. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great job! I always seem to accidentally weed the wrong part on a part somehow

Looks great!

That’s really beautiful. I love it. :slight_smile:

nice… love it

Nice, I haven’t braved an mandala yet.

That’s awesome!

Very cool. Loving the texture of the coloured layers