So I have a question… Has anyone ever use redbubble before or is using it now. If so, what are yall thoughts on it. Is it worth getting it to. I am looking for other ways to branch out some of my designs. Thank you very much.

Yes I do have a store there, but I earn very rarely there, sometimes only. I add stuff to it only when I have some spare time and I am tired of designing. So not giving it much time might be a reason for less sales though.

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Ok. Thanks for letting me. I’m looking for other place to branch out my design and I thought I’d look into the POD and see how it works.

Sure you can check it out, but I believe consistency is the key everywhere. The moment I start adding stuff there I see sales or else no. But I always love to branch out. You can also check out zazzle and teepublic

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Thank you very much

I sell at as many POD sites as I can. It doesn’t cost me anything to do that.
I am on Redbubble and have sold quite a few items there. My most popular design seems to sell the best in Australia. shrug.

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Ok that’s cool. Thanks for letting me know

this is great info- thanks

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