Request for a design

I would like to make some flat clear Christmas ornaments with the Santa’s Magic Key inside of them. Could someone please make a design for me? The ornament is 4.2" x 4.2". I requested one on Etsy but seller never got back with me.


@Debbie_M are you looking for one that can be used as an insert? And I assume with your dimensions, you would want it to be square?

No, I want it for the outside of a flat clear ornament I am going to hang the key inside the ornament with snow. The flat ornament size is 4.2" X 4.2" on the outside.

It is a flat round ornament.

@Debbie_M Are you looking for specific quotes or just round Christmas designs in general?

I need a design for the outside of the clear flat round 4.2" x 4.2" ornament that I am going to put a key inside the ornament. I need the design that reads Santa’s Magic Key.

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That sounds pretty and I’ve not seen it yet. I hope you’ll post here when you’re done with it