Resin Printing

So I recently bought a used Elegoo Mars Resin printer, but I’m wondering how hard is it compared to regular 3D printing. I have a Ender 3 which was relatively easy to start up and go with. I also concerned if it’s really toxic.

We had one given to us a while back. I don’t remember the brand. I didn’t find it terribly difficult to set up, but you have to remember that it prints essentially upside down compared to a regular 3d printer. It may depend on the brand and type of resin as well as your settings, but I found the prints to be a bit more brittle than expected. I think adjusting settings would help that considerably. UV light is necessary to cure the resin print fully so you’ll either want to put it in direct sunlight for several hours or invest in a uv light source of some kind. One thing that really turned me off of the resin printer (and was my main reason for getting rid of it) is it smells horrible while it’s printing. We didn’t have a garage or shop to use it in. We used it in our house. It made the whole house smell like a chemical factory. If you have a dedicated space that isn’t in your house, that can be ventilated well, then that may not bother you or be an issue. All that being said, I found the print quality as far as details go to be far superior in using the resin. We now have a garage and may invest in another resin printer in the future since it won’t have to be used in the house!

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Working with resin can be toxic, and is inflammatory to the lungs. I recommend wearing a protective mask.

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