Review process

Is there some sort of review process for designer’s post before they go live, is there a copywrighter/proofer ( someone that proofs their post before they go LIVE on the websites)?
And again, once they go live to be sure it is working correctly?
Spelling errors, missing graphics, etc.

I’m far from the best speller and writing is not my thing either so I use Grammarly to check my mistakes(it is free for the basics, too!), but it finds even more when I do my affiliate posts. Letters switched, words missing or spelled incorrectly.
I am happy to inform the designers’ of small posting errors, the chat feature is best for this. Many are even more happy that I found it.

Yes, I also know many of the designers are not English speaking first, so this might be something they need help with.

Products go live immediately, though our team does regular checks to take down infringing products, or let designers know of spelling errors. If you ever purchase a product that is spelled incorrectly, missing designs, etc. please reach out to us or the designer, we would be happy to help :slight_smile: