Rubber Stamps

Hello fellow card makers! I haven’t bought any new stamps in years and I want to get some new designs. Not even sure where to shop anymore. I have a Michael’s and Hobby Lobby near me. Are there any good online companies?

Hi Lisa!! You could probably find some on Amazon or Ebay! I know a few people that have bought them online at a site called the Foiled Fox (but I’ve never personally shopped there.) My personal favorite place (although it can be hit and miss) is the thrift stores! Happy hunting!

Hi there, I’m a Stampin Up fan, but I’ve also purchased online through eBay ( I live in Australia). I think I have over 180 sets, but from different companies. I’ve stopped buying in the past year and have found so many different options and started using everything I have. There are so many companies selling stamps now, the options are huge. Some popular designs are Gina K and Simon Says Stamps, it just depends on your preference. Hope this helps !

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