Samsung Tablet & Design Space

Are there any Samsung tablets where you can install design space? I have an older tablet but for some reason it says design space is not available in the app store. I’m just wondering if I might need to upgrade to a newer tablet?

Hello Rey!

I am not sure about any Samsung tablets that allow you to install Design Space. I know the iPad has a Design Space app that you can download. :slight_smile:

It’s so weird because they allow it on the Samsung mobile devices but not the tablets. That seems a little backwards.

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I have Cricut Design Space (if that is what you are talking about?) on my Samsung Tablet. My tablet is 2 years old.
I bought it actually for music purposes (it is large enough to display sheet music). I hardly ever use Design Space on there though as it re-starts at random.

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My tablet may be too old. I have the most current update but my tablet doesn’t like Design Space. Ha!