Seashells Ornaments?

A while back, I saw a graphics pack that was a set of pearly seashells that were hanging ornaments. I think they are watercolor, but I’m not sure. I don’t know whether it was on Design Bundles or some other site, but does anybody have any leads, please? I tried searching, but couldn’t find them.

I have seen on Etsy and Amazon.

I’m talking about graphics (clipart) not actual physical ornaments. I searched on Etsy, but couldn’t find them.

Oh I see, I havent seen them too

Hello Connie!
I have found these:

Not sure if any of those were what you are looking for.

No, I’m sorry. Those aren’t what I had in mind. These were like painted watercolor seashells, they look sort of pearly. I know I’ve seen them while browsing one of the graphics sites, but I don’t remember which one.