Selling Sublimation Prints

I am wondering if I can sell printed Sublimation sheets of Design Bundles files that I have purchased? I read the licensing but I didn’t get that answer there. Does anyone know if this is allowed? I am not changing the image at all just simply printing it on Sub paper and selling for them to sub on their own stuff.

Hi 5f23e63cef037fd7edf3262d05ca7b97 no that is not allowed with the current license. You would need to transform the designs and you cannot use them as is. 1fff65f1de3ce4af32ffa4e1acb4bdcd

There are some conversations about this here, with a response from Missy: 8cd42271acfd6a6c899acce2719c4b67

Ok, Thank you! I am researching which companies allow this and which ones don’t. So If I put components from this site together and create my own design with them it’s ok. This stuff is very confusing!

It’s okay as long as each part has been transformed following the guidelines linked above.

With the new license we hope to make this much more clear!