Seriously confused about the designs I purchased to edit

I purchased a TShirt Bundle of designs that I really liked. it came with the Premium license…commercial use allowed. However, you have to make “changes” to the PNG files and not use as is. ok, I get that. However, every editing program I have tried to use will NOT show the layers of the file for me to even MAKE a change. So how am I supposed to edit these files at all?

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Hi Nancy! What design program are you using? Did the design come with EPS or SVG files?

yes, they came in both those file types. and I’m using Photopea and Pixlr. However, neither of those types would open up in Pixlr.

Can you try opening the SVG file in Photopea? Does it allow you to edit? If it still doesn’t work can write in to so the Customer Support can take a look at it for you as well :slight_smile:

I don’t know Photopea or Pixlr, but you might see if they will import those files rather than open them. Some programs will work that way, giving you the same result either way.
There are free programs out there to edit EPS artwork, while they may not give you the flexibility or power Adobe Illustrator does, they may give you what you need.
Maybe look at Scribus? I just found that on a search, but I know that there are others out there too. is a free program that opens SVG files. You might check that out.