Sharing Book Covers & Logos

Hi everyone!

Wanted to share some of my recent designs with you all, as I mainly create book covers and gaming things. Feel free to share your own below or offer feedback! I’m very new to Illustrator, the two gaming icons below are the only things I’ve made with it so far.


I wanted to say I like your book covers. I always find it interesting to see what other designers are creating and the types of books they’re for. Do you write as well? I’ve noticed that’s common among cover designers. I recognise a lady from Neostock on the second cover you have there.

These are a few of mine (sorry the images are bigger. I hotlinked them):

I’ve created some others for myself too and more for other people. I was taking on some custom commissions and making some pre-mades, but it looks like I’ll have more writing work soon so I’ve put custom commissions on hold, except for where I’ve already discussed them with people. I have a lot of pre-mades mounting up (around 60 made now) that I haven’t done anything with or sold. I need to get around to building a proper web site to list them on and perhaps list them up elsewhere. I just have them on a couple of writing forums right now.

I’ve noticed one big site where people sell pre-made book covers but I haven’t got around to checking them out yet properly (from a selling angle).


Thanks! Yes, I do write, too. I always struggle to make my own covers, though!

Yep, NeoStock is great. Half of the resources on the second cover are from Neostock, and the background/model/head on the fourth are also from NeoStock! The Elite subscription is certainly worth the money. Nice to see other designers using stock from there, too!

It’s currently seeming quite hard to get commissions for me, at least. Lots of writers are writing, but cash is tight. I’m still chipping away at making more and more premades though, so that’s good! I don’t know of any writing forums to share them on, I utilise Facebook quite a bit though.

There are a few websites like that, one of them now takes 50% of the profit, and the other is… well, the rules are a bit weird and there is usually some obvious favouritism going on, so I really do prefer Facebook to sell! Have you tried there? :slight_smile:


I thought you might write too. :slight_smile: Your covers look good and distinctly your own artistic style (I sometimes find that with people’s artwork). I find the more you do, the more they level up and the quicker and easier they become to create. I’ve been doing mine for about 3 or 4 years now but they’re not where I want them to be just yet.

Neostock is pretty amazing and they have so many things (and a lot of useful videos). I used to be an Elite member but I was short of money one month and decided to end my subscription. I’m still allowed to use the free content I downloaded and I’ve been back to buy an image or two since then. I expect I’ll sign up again with them in time if I can (I heard they were closing the program to new members, but I’m a former member so they might let me rejoin it).

I’ve noticed that the cheaper your commissions are, the more jobs you generally get. However, that isn’t always the case and some people charge a lot and still get a lot of them. I guess it depends on what you’re creating and how you’re advertising them. I’ve noticed cover designers on Facebook who create romance, RH, PNR and Urban Fantasy covers seem to sell the most.

Some of the covers on web sites tend to be pretty expensive. 50% is an awful lot for them to take, but I can see how it might be worth it. It could be why some people are charging so much for covers too.

I created a Facebook group for covers and put some on there, but I haven’t done much with my group and it’s just sitting. I just have so many different social media things and stores, I can’t keep up with everything, so I’ve let Facebook go a bit. I know it works as a main method of advertising covers and things for some people.

As for the ones I’m on, one is an author forum with a paid subscription, which seems to be closed to subscribers right now (I know some people were targeting the forum a while ago and now there’s no signup link). The other one’s a roleplaying forum.


Very true. I’ve been at it for juuuust over a year. A cover can take anywhere from 20 mins to 45 mins. Premade changes tend to only take 5 minutes, with colour changes and whatnot. Always room to improve! The courses on Neostock are very helpful, though I haven’t finished it yet.

They aren’t letting old members rejoin, which is terrible I think, but they are reopening submissions in the summer – so definitely keep an eye out for when that happens!

Yeah, it really depends a LOT on genre. What genre do you mainly work in? I’ve noticed romance and PNR sells well. I don’t really enjoy designing in those genres myself, but some of the premades I’ve seen are STUNNING!

The site that takes the 50% has some very odd rules regarding text, no effects, a set list of colours and styles and only one size per text box (max 4 text boxes I think). It is quite good, though, because you don’t have to do any work – you design, upload, and that’s it. No changing the text when it sells – that happens on the website!

Ohh, nice! I’ll have to hunt around for some forums. They do definitely seem a good way to find new customers.

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That’s not too bad for the time involved in creating a cover. I’ve found that the time can vary widely with custom covers. I’ve had some take a really short time and others take 3 or 4 days before, if the client wants lots or changes or wants to run through different possibilities. I think the longest commission was one for a set of logos that stretched out to months. Some people are like ‘it’s grand’. Others want it precisely how they want it to be, and it can take time to match their vision for it. It’s part of why I don’t take on a lot of custom work.

Ah okay, I didn’t know that about Neostock but it’s good they’re going to allow people to rejoin again in the summer. :slight_smile: I might do that then. I just picked up an Appsumo deal for 100 photos for $39 from Depositphotos (it’s still running over on Appsumo) and it’s given me a lot to work with. Depositphotos also has a free photo search page with tens of thousands of images you can find, as long as you’ve got at least one credit left on the site. Not all the images are good but a surprising number are.

I’d say most of the covers I create are fantasy. I’ve noticed requests for male-targeted fantasy with like busty paranormal models on the cover and also urban fantasy/academy covers. I’ve created other kinds of covers, but they’re requested most. The ones are I create for my own books are mostly sci-fi, fantasy and on another pen name, fantasy romance. I find it hard to write anything that isn’t fantasy to some degree, and I like the covers for it best.

I didn’t know sites managed text etc that way. I wonder if I’m thinking of the same site (I probably am). It’s the big one.

I think author forums are usually more effective than RP ones, because a lot of roleplayers (though writers) aren’t writing books. However, anything aimed toward writers might help you get some jobs there. I know a lot of designers create their own sites for it. I’ve seen people selling covers on Etsy too.


Oh gosh, yeah. I’ve had this a lot, sometimes it really slows me down and makes me late for other orders!

This is awesome! I picked up two codes, and I shared my invite around so I’m $9 off getting a free bundle. I wonder if I’ll manage it in time, lol! :stuck_out_tongue: Deposit is definitely my fav stock site around. Other than Neostock, I swear by it and tend not to use anywhere else. Where do you find the free photo search? I’ve been manually going through to find the freebies, but a tool to find them would certainly save me plenty of time!

Ah, fantasy is definitely a big one. I really want to get into making more high fantasy cover designs, they seem like a ton of fun to make. I struggle with locating stock for that sorta thing though – any tips??

I have my own site, which gets a fair bit of traffic and I’ve had queries but no actual sales through there. I suppose it’s good to have an online portfolio, though, and I’m only paying something silly like a pound a month for the website, hosting and email, so I can’t complain! I’ve seen people use Etsy too, and I’ve wondered if I should try it. I used Etsy once, for prints of costume photography. But didn’t do too well.

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I’ve given a discount to certain customers before who are easy to work with and return with more cover jobs. It seems to work out well. That and discounts when people want a series of covers and not just one.

You’re doing well with the referral link. I shared mine but only managed to get 1 referral so far. Those should go a long way. I got 1 code for Depositphotos, 1 for Elfsight (lots of web page widgets) and 1 for Icedrive (to store all my stuff rather than having to juggle portable hard drives). The free photo search on Depositphotos is here:
It has a search thing there so you can search certain types of images.
Most have a regular license but some require things like attribution (it says on the image). Editorial ones aren’t suitable for commercial use. On your downloaded list of images, I think it’s written in red beside the image name so you know which is and which isn’t at a glance and it should say on the images what they are.

As for stock images for fantasy, you could go with ones like you have on Neostock. I also search renders on Depositphotos, and you can get some good rendered images of people, complete with weapons, backgrounds and all. Some have effects and they’re almost like perfect images in themselves. In terms of Photoshop brushes, check out ones by Deviney. They’re among the best ones I’ve found. Obsidian Dawn has a lot of great ones too.

I know one lady who gets some cover sales through Instagram. I don’t know how useful it is though. I think web sites (your own or others’) or Facebook are the best ways.


These are amazing!!!


Thanks, Brittany!


Your welcome! I LOVE rradjng and its so cool to see all your artwork!


These are really great. You are very talented. Please share more of your works.


Thank you everyone, I completed this today. NOT for sale until I take out the background and replace it, but I was happy with it! :slight_smile:


That cover’s wonderful. :slight_smile: I love dragons and your cover’s beautifully done.

Oh, why thank you Tamara! It was just a quickie, but I like how it turned out in the end!

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This is amazing! Beautiful work!

Thank you!

Some recents! I’ve mainly been working on my motion graphics and video editing, so not much to show on the old book cover front.


Wow! Can I just say, you all have some serious talent! These book covers are GORGEOUS!

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I agree, they look wonderful. :slight_smile: