Shipping delays?

I ordered a cameo 4 mother’s day bundle on april 30. my order is still showing “processing” and i did not receive a reply to my email. i totally understand delays with the pandemic and all. i’m just trying to get an idea of how long of a delay i should expect. even their chat feature is difficult to access and it takes a long time to get a response. has anyone received their mother’s day order? thanks.

I am not entirely sure where you ordered the machine from, but I dont believe Designbundles have anything to do with selling cutting machines. DB is dedicated to selling files so no physical goods should be sent out. From what I know, every online store is different with mailing their products and its very individual. Usually there is always a delivery description somewhere between the legal info on every website, prehaps try to look for that on the site you purchased from, it should tell you more.

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thanks. i ordered from silhouette america. i know that design bundles does not sell machines. i was hoping other silhouette users might have some experience with purchasing from silhouette america, as i have read a number of poor reviews on customer service. their “legal” info states they ship in like 4 days, but their banner states “extended shipping times due to covid19” without any kind of information on what kind of shipping delay one can expect. therefore, my choice to ask in the silhouette group, for those who might have experience. i did receive an email (finally) today that i can hope it to be shipped “no sooner than” the 14th. their “legal” info says they will respond to emails within 48 hours, which they did not. i know the world is kind of upside down right now. i was just hoping to find other experience with their customer service and hoping for an idea of shipping times.
i do like designbundles and fontbundles sites. i enjoy looking at new projects and fonts each week. thanks

Sorry you are still waiting :frowning_face:

Could you cancel the order and order from Amazon which might be a faster (sometimes cheaper) option?

the package i ordered was over $700 worth for $312, so its a great deal. my order is still showing processing, BUT,… fedex delivered it today. i even got an email yesterday saying it wouldn’t ship sooner than tomorrow. maybe THEY don’t know what’s going on. lol.

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I have had so many shipping delays :sob:

I ordered my bundle on May 3 along with a few other items. Finally got shipped on May 13, so I’m thinking yay! Finally gonna get my Cameo 4. I get a 6x6 box in the mail. No Cameo! Just the extra items I ordered. I tried doing chat and someone answered me right before they closed for the day but I had also emailed, again an answer right before closing. They asked for a picture of what I ordered, but of course I can’t send a pic because I can’t pull up the bundle I got. Now I’m waiting on an answer Monday and hopefully get some information.

on monday, i was told it would ship no sooner than wednesday of this week. on tuesday, while my order was still showing “processing”, fedex dropped off my full order. i figure with all that is going on and they sale they ran, they maybe bit off more than they could chew and things are slipping.

Oh that is so frustrating! Hoping you get it all soon!

So frustrating :hot_face: Did you get it yet?

Will be worth the wait I promise!

Not yet…finally got an answer though, the bundles are backordered! So kow I don’t know how long I’m going to have to wait. It will be fine though because I’m still using my cameo 3 and I absolutely refuse to upgrade to the business edition until I get my cameo 4.

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Great glad you have something else to work with! I’m still on the Cameo 2. It keeps going so I don’t feel I can replace it yet!

Glad your still able to work though!