Show Me Your Tumblers!

Hey everybody! I’m tryiing out epoxy glitter tumblers, and I’d love to see some of yours. So far I’ve done two, but they aren’t very good. Some parts are a bit lumpy. , so I’m still figuring out how to get smooth results. Any tips, tools, or inspiration is appreciated!


That’s really cool. I haven’t seen glitter tumblers like that for sale before.

I haven’t made any but I love to see what people create.

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Thank you! I got the design from this site. I made it for a friend who only drinks tea! :smiley:

Michaels sells a device called Spin-It, which evenly rotates the tumbler as it dries. There are a number of Accessories and specialty glitters that are designed to go with it, which might also be of interest. (Disclaimer: I work at Michaels.)

did you resin the lid as well

I love the colors!

Yes, Crystal. I did epoxy the lid. I wasn’t going to at first, but then the glitter kept coming off here and there, so I went ahead and sealed it.

Thanks Louise! I haven’t made many since this original post, but I’m still interested in doing them.

This style is one of my best sellers. Purple seems to be the most popular color too.


Wow that is incredible! I love it! :heart_eyes:

It’s beautiful :slight_smile:

This is so beautiful

Wow love it

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That’s really beautiful! Do you have a tutorial?

These are beautiful! I want to try tumblers now

It’s really pretty though!

I’m scared to try tumblers…I think I will today though

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2b19a8eae6d392b128d0bd9baa03120e ohhhh I’d love to see how they come out! :smiley:

Don’t be scared! Just jump on in there and try.

I love these