Showing my Plus Favourites?

I am trying to spend some of my Plus Credits so I have marked some as Favourites. Is there a way to list just my Plus Favourites rather than all my Favourites as that would help me decide. Thanks.

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Oooo good question, I too would like to know the answer

Hi 5397551a28cb4fa812aaf1f41d49e8ef, the developers are working on improving favorites next year I believe! :slight_smile:

I guess the answer is no then :pensive: Thanks for letting me know, I do hope they will consider making it a new feature.

Sorry, I should have clarified! You are correct, right now it is not a feature but I know there have been many requests for updates to the Favorites category so it’s coming… I’m just not sure when!

Thank you for that info 7627af570614dadf705b20adf1cc1195