Silhouette or cricut?

Which one do you prefer

I have a Gazelle (BossKut)

Out of all the machines I have owned over the years (both Cricut and Silhouette) I LOVE my Silhouette Portrait.

Depends on your needs. I love my Cricut, but Silhouette has a built-in roll feeder and better software, plus a rhinestone seeing tool

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So true tmana, Silhouettes software was the main game changer for me as it is way less “glitchy” :slight_smile:

I’ve only used a Cricut. So far, I’ve enjoyed my Maker. I find it is easier to use Inkscape to design and then just import the SVG into Cricuit’s software to avoid many of the glitches.

I haven’t set up my Cricut Maker 3 as of yet, but I’m looking forward to many future projects! :grin: