Silhouette studio too slow

Hi all!
I’m new to crafting with Silhouette and just noticed how slow the software is especially when I drag and drop SVG to work on or send to cut. I’ve followed everything suggested by Silhouette support but no improvement :frowning: I looked online and saw lots of people having the same issue using PC so I’m thinking if Silhouette studio is performing the same on MAC?

I don’t own a MAC so I can’t comment on that part of your question; however, if Silhouette Studio is running slow you may have to update the software.

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I’m running Silhouette Studio on a PC with Windows 10 and have had no issues with slow speeds.

As a former PC troubleshooter, I have a few suggestions for you:

  • Check to see if you need to update the software. Go to the Silhouette America website to make sure that you’re getting the update from the company.
  • Reboot your PC. I know that it’s a pain and that people get tired of hearing it. But, it does solve a myriad of problems.
  • Check to see how much free space is on your PC’s hard drive. The Silhouette Studio software uses part of your hard drive for temporary storage. If there’s not enough room, that would slow down processing your designs.
  • Close everything but the programs and folders that you need for your project.

I hope these help!


Thanks both. I’m sure I have the latest version and only have Silhouette studio running plus the folder source open and still experienced slowness in the app when I drag and drop the SVG file to studio. I’m going to try and just open the SVG instead and see if it makes a difference but good to know not all PC users have this issue.

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I would be interested in knowing if dragging and dropping was the issue. I never even knew you could do that :rofl:

I do drag and drop into Silhouette Studio often and haven’t had an issue with speed.

I open a new tab in Silhouette Studio. I open and downsize the folder where I’ve stored the design that I want to use so I can see the design space in studio. I select the design and literally drag it over to the studio design space, then release it. It’s awesome, especially when you’re working with multiple designs. I used it when designing my return address labels for Christmas cards this year.


I will have to try that thank you @ThatCraftyRedhead

The issue(s) may be a lack of processor speed and or RAM. That and the complexity of your artwork come into play when you go to cut your materials.

Do you have a firewall on your computer? If so open ports both directions to all the executables that Studio uses. That might makes thing much quicker.

Thanks all for your response. After changing a couple of settings on my Silhouette Studio, it seems to be running normal now finally :smiley:
After a lot of googling, what I’ve changed are:

  • Turn off Anti-aliasing
  • Instead of choosing graphics mode automatically on OpenGL settings, I chose the first one on the list that says Compatible and recommended.
  • Restarted the app and works smoothly.

I don’t think it’s my laptop’s specs that’s a problem. Running on i7 8th Gen @2.20GHz 16GB RAM and GTX1060 6GB GPU Mem.

Thanks all and Happy holidays!


I’m glad things are working better for you now :smiley:

I agree with your suggestions having worked in a church IT office. Sounds like the Dummy Fix but it is not. I have 12G RAM with Windows 10 on a PC. When Studio gets sluggish, it is usually when I have left the laptop running for days. A cold reboot after at least 10 minutes usually gets rid of all the temp files that have accumulated in that time. Works about the same on my older desktop with Windows 7 and 16G RAM.

Good point about the complexity of the image, Brian. It always helps to SIMPLIFY the TRACE to eliminate extra Vector points that the CNC software has to interpret to cut.