Silhouette V4 - How to create a sheet of stickers in Silhouette Studio

1- Open Silhouette studio. Click on the page setting icon.

2- Click on the registration mark option and select type 1. Your registration marks will appear. This will allow you to print and cut your stickers.

3- Open your file.

4- Your design will appear on your screen. I am using a png file called My valentine has fur from

5- Resize your design to the size you would like your sticker.

6- Click on the shape tool and select the circle tool.

7- Hold the shift key down and draw your circle.

8- Place the circle around your design. Select both and go to the align tool and centre.

9- Go to the send screen. check to ensure only the outer cut line of the circle highlights. If the design highlights also, you will need to select the design, then click on the no cut option. We need to do this as we only want to cut the outer circle not the print design.

10- Select both the image and the circle. Right click and group.

11- We now need to fill our page. When filling the page, the images cannot go over the red outer line and on any of the cross hatch at the top and bottom.

Go to the replicate tool on the right and then with your design selected replicate your design.

12- When you have a number replicated, align them to they are even apart.

13- Repeat the replication till the page is full.

14- Click on the send screen. you will see the full sheet with the circles around your design highlighted . Click on the print option.

15- Print the design.

16- Once printed, place on your cutting mat. Set your media to sticker paper and cut your design.

When using registration marks, ensure you are in a well lit area so your machine can clearly see the registration marks.