Silhouette V4 - How to use a coloring in book page in Silhouette Studio

1- Open Silhouette studio. Click on the open folder.

2- Download a coloring in page online, or scan one in from a unused coloring in book. Click on it and open in silhouette studio.

3- Click on the trace icon.

4- Using the trace tool, select the coloring in page and highlight it. The black lines will highlight yellow. adjust the threshold and scale until you have a clear yellow line. Click on trace.

5- Move away the original coloring page. You will now see the cut lines which are the same as the coloring in lines.

6- Select the cut lines, right click and release the compound path.

7- You can now see that every cut line has been released.

8- Select the outer most cut line which will be the outer edge. Pull to one side and fill with black.

9- Select each section /sections that will be the same color and then fill. Repeat for every section.

10- Select each color group and then right click and group. Repeat this for each color group.

11- Each color section will now be grouped and moved as one piece.

12- Place the background under all the color sections.

13- With everything selected right click and group.

14- Go to the send screen. To cut the design in parts, click on the fill option. you can now select each color and cut in different sections.