Silhouette V4 - How to use Flexi shapes in Silhouette Studio

*For designer plus and higher.

1- Open Silhouette Studio. The flexi shapes icon is on the left toolbar.

2- When you click on the icon a new pop up window will appear. You now have a large choice of flexi shapes to pick from. Select a flexi shape.

3- Once selected, go to your design space and click and drag to make the flexi shape.

4- In the middle is a slider. This will allow you to toggle from left to right and adjust the number of petals/points/edges on your design.

5- If you click and drag on the white dot, you can change the size of your flexi shape. Pull it out will increase size, and drag inward will decrease the size of the flexi shape.

6- If you click on the red dot you can change the length of the petals/points/edges shorter or longer.

Once happy with your design click off the design to complete the adjustments.