Silhouette V4 - How to use the puzzle feature in Silhouette Studio

*Using Designer edition plus or higher.

1- Open Silhouette Studio. Click on the page setup.

2- Select your registration marks.

3- Upload your image that you would like to create a puzzle with. I am using a file from Valentines day doodles from design

4- Select the puzzle icon. It is located on the right toolbar.

5- Select your image.

6- Click on the Puzzle selected area icon. The puzzle cut lines will appear.

7- You can change the number of pieces in the rows and columns by adjusting the slider.

8- You can also turn off the curvature on the puzzle pieces. Untick the box to do this. you can re click it on at any time.

9- When you have the curvature selected, You can adjust the curve, ripple and wobble of the jigsaw pieces.

10- You can also choose to opt for the randomize selected puzzle option. this will choose different options of the puzzle for you.

11- If you are using several different images and have them grouped together, you need to change the way you create the puzzle slightly. The below image is 6 images grouped together rather than one image.

12- When you click on the puzzle selected shape icon, you will see that your images disappear. To combat this there is a extra step to do to let the images still appear.

13- Click on the shape icon and pick a rectangle shape tool.

14- Draw a rectangle around your grouped images.

15- Select the rectangle not the images. Then when only the rectangle is selected click the puzzle selected shape. The puzzle pieces will now appear over your image.