Silicone mold

I want to buy illustrations here, mold a model from plasticine, fill them with silicone and sell silicone molds. Can I do this or not?

I’ll write it differently.
For example, I bought an illustration from your website. From this illustration, I sculpted a model from plasticine. From this model I made a silicone mold for sale.
Does the license cover such use?
Is a silicone mold an end physical product?

Hi, Tani! Molds are covered under the “Stencils, Transfers, and Stamps” (2645088aa55b859622bb1c95e557fea8) section of the licenses, alongside other similar tools like cookie cutters, dies, and assembly kits. See the second “Covered” section down at the link for the full details.

The Corporate License does allow you to create molds and similar tools, which can be sold to others for their use in making finished products. (The one-user Premium License allows you to make those tools too, but only for your own in-house use; they can’t be sold or given to others.)

Thank you very much for your reply!!:heart: