Smart Vinyl impossible to stick onto my transfer tape!

Hi all,

I bought a small roll of Cricut Smart Vinyl a while ago and found it nearly impossible to stick to my transfer tape!! I have a good quality tape, and also have a heavier duty/stickier one and tried both with soo much extra effort to get it to stick on my transfer tape.

I know Cricut just released the new machines and I was tempted to get one, but with so many materials turning to “Smart” I don’t even want to bother… is it just me or anyone else having this problem??

I looked up a few “hacks” on Youtube, to try to almost bend the smart vinyl backing, but it’s WAY more effort and still wasn’t easy to do that. Anyone have any better tips?

TIA! Sarah

Hello Sarah!

Have you tried with multiple pieces or just this one time? Also, how hard was your pressure? Sometimes if the pressure is too hard it will push the vinyl more onto the backing.

I had an entire roll of Smart Vinyl and every cut I made with it was difficult to transfer… I tried all sorts of different things - lots of pressure, different transfer tape, reverse weeding… nothing seems to help. All my other brands of vinyl don’t do this so I feel like it’s the backing on the smart vinyl that makes it soo hard to come off onto the tape :frowning:

I agree – the backing stuff on the Smart Vinyl is a bear to pull off! My regular transfer tape that I use for Oracal 651 is too weak for it. I’m still trying to figure out my best option for transferring this stuff; my next experiment is going to be using masking tape as the transfer tape.

I’m glad I tried the Smart Vinyl, but I may just go with pieces of 651 cut to fit the mat instead.

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Hello Sarah,

49f122b2840de1b6eeda448d52794590 found this –

Which may be helpful, it looks like you need a strong gripping transfer tape.

Thank you! I may have to buy a roll of strong grip and give it a shot

Okay glad I am not the only one! I hope your experiment goes well - I may try some different approaches too, or try a stronger grip tape… and if that fails, stick to other vinyl